5 Personalized Gifts that Will Impress Wine Lovers

When it comes to gift giving, there’s always the chance another in-law, colleague or friend may have the same idea in mind for that special someone on everyone’s list. This is especially the case when it comes to finding that perfect “something special” for a wine lover. It can be a challenge to find a unique wine-related gift that no one else will have thought of.

With a personalized gift, you have nothing to fear. You’ll be the only one at the party who took the time and effort to get personal with your one-of-a-kind gift.

These are some of our most popular personalized gifts, which are sure to please more than that special someone — when they entertain, their guests will be impressed, too. These are gifts that keep on giving!

1. Barrel Top Lazy Susan

Personalized Barrel Top Lazy Susan

One of the best (and most enjoyable) ways to bring friends together to discover new wines is by hosting a wine tasting. But it’s not always easy to quickly serve everyone, especially with a larger group. The personalized Barrel Top Lazy Susan is perfect for these sorts of situations. Sharing snacks and bottles of wine has never been easier.

Whether the lazy susan finds its home in their cellar for tastings or the dining room for dinner parties, this authentic, heavy-duty oak barrelhead centerpiece is both practical and stylish.

2. Chateau Wine Bottle Peppermill

Personalized Peppermills

A love of wine and a love of food often go hand-in-hand. If you’re looking for a gift for a gourmet wine connoisseur, have their name engraved on the Chateau Wine Bottle Peppermill.

This hardwood peppermill comes in a choice of a classic Bordeaux or Burgundy bottle and is available in either a clear or dark lacquer finish.

3. Marble Wine Chillers

Personalized Marble Wine Chillers

As even the most amateur of wine drinkers knows, it’s essential to serve your wine at the right temperature (62-68 degrees for red wine and 49-55 degrees for white wine.) For a wine lover who loves their whites, Rosés and Champagne, the personalized Marble Wine Chiller would make the perfect gift.

Pop it in the freezer one hour before wine needs to be chilled, then place the bottle in the chiller and enjoy. The felt bottom will protect any surfaces from water damage or scratches.

What’s more, these chillers can be personalized with not only a name and year, but also a picture. The area that can be personalized is about the size of a wine label. Your choices include wine or Champagne-sized, black or green, and one of two designs: Chateau or Domaine.

4. Solid Maple Serving Tray

Personalized Rectangle Server

For the wine lover who also loves entertaining, consider the elegant personalized 18-inch Serving Tray. Whether they’re hosting a large holiday gathering or want to add a touch of refinement to an intimate dinner party, this is certainly a gift that will impress their guests.

Made from solid maple and with wrought iron handles, they’ll want to find an excuse to use their personalized platter again and again no matter what the occasion. You can choose from three different fonts for the personalization.

5. Grape Marble Coasters

Personalized Marble Coasters

For that special someone who has always dreamed of owning their own vineyard, personalize a set of Grape Marble Coasters. Their name will be hand-printed above the word “Vineyards” on each coaster. The set includes four coasters, each one featuring a different varietal. Another option is the Personalized Vineyards Coaster Set.

Made from Botticino marble quarried in Northern Italy, the marble coasters are cork-backed to protect furniture from drips and liquid rings.

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