11 Gifts for Traveling Wine Lovers

Wine and travel go hand in hand. Part of the pleasure of a vacation or business trip is being able to sample the local vino, and if a true wine lover happens to be traveling, they bring their own! The traveling wine lover in your life will love these 11 gifts so much they’ll wonder how they ever managed to make do without them.

1. Wine Journal Trifold Leatherette with 10 LabelOffs

What better way to remember the delicious wine they sampled on their last trip than with this elegant hardcover leatherette wine journal? This thoughtful gift features a glossary of wine terms, wine facts, a taste and aroma wheel, and best of all, 52 lined pages on which to save labels and preserve beautiful memories. It even comes with 10 LabelOff removers that will laminate wine bottle labels.

2. Le Creuset Wood Waiters Corkscrew

Le Creuset Waiters Corkscrew Wood

The lucky person you’re shopping for may be in love with their Estate Opener, but they’re not likely to pack it with them on their travels. There are few things more frustrating to a wine lover than checking into a hotel room only to find there’s nary a courtesy corkscrew in sight. You can be their hero by blessing their travels with the Le Creuset Waiters wood handled corkscrew. It features a serrated foil cutter and a nonstick screw. The body is made of durable, precise stainless steel with a smooth, comfortable handle crafted in wood. It’s double jointed for difficult to open bottles and of course small and light enough to pack inside a pocket or suitcase. It’s the perfect corkscrew for travelers.

3. VinGardeValise Wine Luggage with TSA Lock

VinGardeValise Wine Suitcase

What trip would be complete without buying a few bottles to take home? This gorgeous piece of luggage will help the traveler in your life transport their wine with elegance and class. This valise features a TSA/FAA approved design and a TSA lock for peace of mind at the airport. The casing is made of hard polycarbonate with sturdy wheels that spin 360 degrees for easy handling. The interior is lined with high-density foam which can be configured to different bottle sizes. It safely holds up to 12 standard bottles or 8 Bordeaux-size bottles of precious, liquid cargo and there are pockets for other accessories. The zippers are thick and sturdy and it’s even easy to clean. It only weighs 43-50 pounds when fully packed with wine. They’ll never want to take another trip without it. The wine suitcase also comes in additional colors and sizes.

4. Stemware Tote

Glassware varies from hotel room to hotel room. In fact, sometimes it isn’t glassware at all; often the only empty vessels are plastic cups and coffee mugs. Even if there are wine glasses available, they might not be varietal specific. What wine lover wouldn’t love to feel assured they’ll have appropriate stemware wherever they go? This elegant nylon tote holds up to 6 small Bordeaux glasses or 4 large Burgundy glasses. It features an adjustable shoulder strap and padded dividers to keep glasses safe and separated. They’ll never want to leave the house without it.

5. Green Wine Chill Gel Tote

One challenge with traveling is keeping a bottle chilled. The wine lover in your life will never have to worry about this problem when you give them this amazing green wine chill gel tote. They’ll simply need to expand it and place in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. After the gel has cooled, place a wine bottle inside, and it is ready to bring to the beach or a nearby party. The tote collapsible for packing and traveling.

6. WineSkin Bottle Travel Bags

WineSkin Wine Travel Bags

Shipping wine can be expensive, whether you’re mailing it home or sending it ahead to your destination prior to your trip. It’s far more affordable to bring your wine with you, but few travelers want to risk wrapping their wine bottles in a towel to bust open in their suitcase. Enter wine skin travel bags. These leak-proof bags are designed to help you safely and securely pack wine inside your suitcase. This set of six is perfect for frequent travelers, and they come in single bags as well.

7. Corkcicle Canteen Biscay Bay Gloss

Corkcicle Canteen Biscay Blue

There are some places where glass wine bottles might not be practical: the beach, for instance, where broken glass can create a hazard for swimmers and sunbathers. Does that mean travelers need to forgo their favorite bottle of wine when vacationing at the ocean? Not after you gift them with a Corkcicle canteen. This upscale vessel is as gorgeous as it is practical, with a 3 layer insulated interior lined with stainless steel. It keeps drinks cold for 24 hours or heated for up to 12 hours. The bottom of the canteen has been tapered to fit into a standard size cup holder, and it holds up to 25 oz of fluid, which just happens to be enough for a standard bottle of wine. This is a thoughtful gift for the wine lover whose travels take them to beaches, pools, and outdoor concerts. At this price, you might as well pick up an extra one for yourself, too.

8. Brown Leather Wine Backpack

Brown Leather Wine Backpack

This gorgeous handmade, leather backpack is ideal for weekend trips and hikes. There is room for 2 bottles of wine, plus extra space for glasses, snacks, and accessories. Need to add more cheese and crackers? The wine bottle sleeves are padded and removable to create extra space inside. The outer pockets are designed for carrying a wallet and cellphone. Its sturdy metal feet keep the bag stable and protected when you put it down, and straps are padded for comfort when wearing the backpack. The tag is monogrammed with up to 3 letters in your choice of silver or gold. This is a gift they’ll never forget, and it comes in black, as well.

9. Mahogany Manhattan Cocktail Case

Wine is the nectar of the Gods, but a cocktail hits the spot once in a while. What better way to enjoy mixed drinks on the road than from this amazing Manhattan cocktail case? This interior is premium leatherette and is fashioned of luxurious velveteen. The case comes with a complete set of bar tools including glasses, a cocktail shaker, a jigger, strainer, cloth napkins, ice tongs and more. There’s even a storage compartment for 2 bottles. Travelers can use the shoulder strap or sturdy handle to carry this amazing gift with them on their next trip. And it also comes in elegant black pinstripes.

10. Black Folding Cooler

Black Folding Tub Cooler

Not all travel involves airplanes and hotel rooms; it can mean camping, parks, and the great outdoors. This ingenious cooler collapses and stores in its own travel bag for easy packing, and it’s perfect for beer, wine or other beverages. The inside liner is washable and leakproof and the outer shell is made of heavy-duty nylon. It takes just seconds to set up or fold away. This gift will be a hit with wine or beer enthusiasts who love camping, boating, picnics, and entertaining.

11. Wine Away Emergency Kit

The wine lover on your gift list probably has a few bottles of Wine Away at home, but spills happen on the road, too. This handy little emergency kit is designed for on the go cleaning. It tucks away into a pocket, purse, or briefcase for red wine spills that occur away from home. Simply spray on the stain, wait 30 seconds, then blot with a towel. The formula is made from fruit and vegetable extracts and is safe for both people and pets. It also works on other red stains such as fruit punch or tomato juice. It makes a great stocking stuffer!


Article by Tamara Gane


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