Write for Us: Contributor Guidelines for IWA’s Blog

Do you enjoy sharing your wine know-how with other wine lovers? Do you have a knack for writing original, engaging content? We’d love to hear from you! Because we value your expertise, we offer $20-50 for blog posts that help our audience learn about storing and enjoying wine. Payments for articles are only made if the article is approved. They are not considered to be commissioned pieces; each article is evaluated separately. In order to qualify for the $50 higher range of payment, it must be an extremely in depth article that has been carefully researched with a high level of quality.

Follow these guidelines to improve your chances of being published on the IWA Blog:

  • Sponsored Posts: We do not accept sponsored guest posts at this time, but you are always welcome to submit an article based on the guidelines below.

  • Write for our audience. Since our readers are wine aficionados themselves, we look for posts that have a sophisticated, well-educated tone. The IWA audience includes wine collectors and connoisseurs who store hundreds of bottles in their home cellars. Our readers already have a great deal of wine know-how. We aim to publish the work of writers who are true wine experts, not beginners. Do not send any articles about cheap wine or basic level wine education, such as “How to Decant Wine.”

  • Aim for 700-1,000 easily readable words. Posts are easier to read if you write in short, to-the-point sentences and paragraphs. If you can, break information into bullets or sub-headlines. The information itself needs to be detailed and well researched. The article should not need extensive fact checking alterations before being published.

  • General Topics of interest: Buying guides about products at iwawine.com grouped into SEO friendly formats, such as Mother’s Day Gifts for Wine Lovers. We are also interested in wine pairings and in depth travel articles. We especially appreciate submissions about the best ways to choose, use, install or enjoy wine cellars, racks, cabinets and cooling equipment. In this context, we are looking for traditional articles, not “Top 5 Tips” and formats based on a specific number. “Top 5 Food Pairing Wines” is not what we are looking for. “Versatile Food Pairing Wines” would be acceptable.

  • Content Guidelines: Please avoid references to specific bottles of wine; use varietals instead. For example “2015 Imagery Estate Viognier” is too specific. “Cool climate Viognier” or a regional “Russian River Viognier” should be used in its place. Do not go too broad either, “white wine” is not acceptable.
  • Focus on being useful. We like to share practical, helpful information. How can you turn your suggestions or advice into action items for the reader? Can you give even more details that will help the reader implement what you’ve suggested?

  • Photography. Unless it is a travel article, please do not include photos, we will be providing them. If it is a travel article, please provide the full photography credit. If you are not the photographer, include documentation that you asked permission from the original photographer to use the image, or with a link directly to the photograph in a royalty free photography site, such as Pixabay.

  • Include a two-sentence bio at the end. Include a few tidbits of info about yourself, especially why you’re an expert on whatever topic you wrote about. You can also add a single link to your website.

  • External links policy: Please keep external links within the article to reliable, information resources only, not promoting products that do not belong to IWA. If informational articles are available from this blog, IWA, CellarPro, Le Cache, Epic Products or WineKeeper on a similar topic, they will be used in favor of a different source. If you would like to add product or reference article links to your article, we encourage you to leverage products from our main website, iwawine.com and if you need assistance choosing links related to your topic, please contact us for input. If you submit an article with external links to promote non-IWA products or websites, they will be removed or replaced, please do not include articles promoting other products.
  • Submit your post as a Google Doc to alexa [at] swawine.com. This is how we prefer to receive submissions and edit posts. Follow these easy instructions to share your post as a Google Doc with us, and remember to select “Can edit.” It’s best to create your post as a Google Doc, rather than uploading a Word Doc to Google; sometimes we can’t edit converted Word documents even if you give us permission. Do not send us a topic list for consideration, we are looking for completed articles. Once accepted, we reserve the right to edit the article as necessary.

Keep in mind that IWA owns all published posts. We ask that you don’t republish elsewhere. You can always run an excerpt, then link to the full post on IWA.

Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you!

The IWA Team
Questions? Contact alexa [at] swawine.com