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Image: Champagne flutes with valentine's day decorations

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Just the Right Bubbly

Impress your date — or your friends — with our tips on picking the right bottle of bubbly, popping the cork like a pro and sipping from the perfect glass.

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Image: Red Wine Splashing into Wine Glass

How to Pour a Perfect Glass of Wine

There’s more to pouring wine than unscrewing the cap and tipping the bottle. Follow these tips for the perfect pour.

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Image: Two Champagne Flutes and Ribbon

Plan the Perfect New Year’s Eve Party (with Bubbly, of Course)

Selecting the right Champagne is only part of planning a successful New Year’s party. Ring in the New Year smoothly and fashionably by following our tips.

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The Art of Decanting

Most experts agree that decanting a wine depends largely on the wine’s age and varietal characteristics. Most young wines, especially big, bold reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Barolo or Syrah benefit from decanting. Not because it helps to soften tannins, but rather by dissipating undesirable sulfer-based compounds it allows the fruit characteristics to concentrate and intensify [...]

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Great things come in small packages

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in or close to California wine country. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sample wines without spending a fortune. With our mini tasting kits, you can taste all of the best wines we have to offer without having to buy, and open, an entire 750mL bottle of wine [...]

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