BYOG – Bring Your Own Glasses

Picture this: you decided to try that new restaurant. You made the reservations weeks ago to get the prime dinner time. Tables have embroidered linens. The menu selections sound delicious. The service is impeccable. You’ve brought two of your best wines, but the server is about to pour the delicate Pinot Noir into their restaurant grade Chardonnay glasses with thick rims and visible seams.

You would think that restaurants serving fine food and wine would use better stemware. Unfortunately, the scenario above happens more often than you would think. Even when restaurants have better stemware, they’re still not going to equal your Riedel Performance stems.

Black Stemware Tote

Doesn’t your finest wine deserve to be served and enjoyed in the same quality glasses you use at home? Absolutely, so why not BYOG—bring your own glasses—and carry them safely in our Stemware Tote. Our tote easily fits four glasses, even the large ones,separated and cushioned by adjustable padded dividers. High quality Riedel sets also come with a special box that includes a handle, that can be used to bring stemware to restaurants.

Never again will you have to settle for inferior stemware.

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