Wine Marketing (and Bottle) Trends

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Large-Format Bottles

The trend towards large-format bottles is growing, fueled by the increasing growth of new brands and accelerating sales of Pinot Noirs, That’s why it’s so important that wine cellar racks be designed to reflect these trends and accommodate sizes of bottles.

“There are a variety of reasons why one brand may fail while another succeeds, but . . . marketing plays a major part,” according to Barbara Insel, a wine market research expert quoted in the March 2006 issue of Wine Business Monthly. Unique bottles help new brands differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir continues to be the fastest-growing wine varietal (84 percent growth for the 12 months from 10/04 to 10/05). Like Burgundy bottles, Pinot Noirs generally have large-format bottles that don’t fit in standard racks.

The proliferation of large-format bottles will continue to grow, and should be considered when designing or purchasing a wine cellar.