A Guide for Wine Serving Temperatures

Schott Zwiesel wine glasses
Schott Zwiesel wine glasses

Wine serving temperatures can greatly affect your experience when enjoying a bottle of wine. Aroma, body, sugar perception and acidity are all impacted by the wine’s serving temperature.

Experts recommend serving wine at three different temperatures, depending on the wine being served:

“Room” Temperature

58-65 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended for red wine, with Pinot Noir at the lower end; Chianti, Merlot and Syrah in the middle; and Cabernets and Zinfandels at the higher end. When red wine is served too warm, its aroma is dominated by alcohol rather than fruit and the flavors seem flat.

“Cellar” Temperature

48-58 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended for white wines, with Sauvignon Blancs at the lower end and full-bodied Chardonnays at the higher end of the range. When white wine is served too cold, it seems too acidic and the aroma, body and perception of sweetness are diminished.

“Ice Cold” Temperature

40-45 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended for sparkling wines and Champagnes.