Benefits of a Wine Cellar in Your Home

Custom Wine Cellar - Glass Jewel Box
Custom Wine Cellar - Glass Jewel Box
Custom Wine Cellar – Glass Jewel Box

Is your wine collection starting to overflow from your wine cabinet? Wine lovers will know how important maintaining proper temperature and humidity is, but what other advantages are there to building a wine room?

Keep Your Collection Organized

An integrated wine cellar allows you to store and display your complete wine collection in a single, easily approachable area. You can store bottles according to size, varietal, winery, or vintage, depending on your preference. There are apps available to keep track of which wine rack a particular bottle is stored in, making them easy to find.

Safe From Vibration

Even the slightest vibration can cause wine to lose its aroma within months, so if you are planning to preserve and age your collection, it is safest inside a dedicated wine cellar. Once a bottle is inside, it will stay where you placed it until ready to open for a special occasion.

Custom Wine Cabinet
Custom Wine Cellar – Glass Wine Cabinet

Enhance the Value of Your Home

Adding a custom wine cellar is not only convenient for you, it will increase the value of your house on the market, particularly if it is correctly installed with dramatic wine displays, such as label-forward racking.

The team at IWA Design Center can answer questions such as what type of vapor barrier and wine cellar cooling unit you will need to create an ideal environment. When considering wine racks, talk to one of our specialists about your requirements, such as collection size, type of material, and design style that you prefer. We can also advice about the best wine cabinets to choose from, for smaller storage spaces.

Wine Education and Appreciation

When you have plenty of room to store wine, it is easy to purchase diverse types of wine, which will increase your knowledge and expertise. The larger your collection, the more you will learn, not to mention it will give you the chance to share your passion with friends.

Constructing your dream wine cellar is an investment in the future. For step-by-step help from our team of qualified wine cellar experts, call 877.726.8496.

Custom Wine Cabinet
Custom Wine Cellars – Design your dream cellar today!

About the author: Dereka Adam is a chemist and certified specialist of spirits. In this pandemic she thinks it is more convenient and secure to buy wine online which easily gets delivered to you; choose from a variety of fine wine options.


  1. My dad really likes to drink wine with a nice dinner and he wants to make sure that he can have a place to keep them. Getting some help from a professional could be really useful and him to keep his area organized so that he can also keep them cleaned correctly so that things can be a lot safer. I liked what you said about how it will have the proper temperature and humidity so that there isn’t any vibration to disturb them.
    – Adam Golightly

  2. You made a good point that protection from vibration is one of the things I should look for in a private wine storage service. I don’t have much space at home so it’s great that there are storage facilities that can be rented for collecting wine. I’ve always wanted to get into collecting wine because it is very interesting to understand how to pair them.

  3. It’s good to know that you can store everything in an easy area. My husband was telling me last night about how he wants to look into starting a wine collection and was wondering if he should get a wine cellar installed in our home. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to him so that we can look into getting a wine cellar built for our home.
    – Kate Hansen

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