How to Pair Chocolate and Wine

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Pairing wine with chocolate is a challenge, but rewarding if synergy is achieved, and a regular offering at tasting rooms in wine country. While there are tried-and-true pairings, being willing to be daring and continually search for unusual combinations will often render surprising and delicious results. Taste and enjoyment of wine and chocolate is subjective; ultimately you need to be the judge of works well with your palate.

  • Dark Chocolate: Heavy bodied red wines with similar flavor intensity.
  • Milk Chocolate: Muscato and tawny port for a mild, semi-sweet experience.
  • White Chocolate: Riesling and Champagne bring out the light, frothy flavor.
  • Mint Chocolate: Enjoy this holiday favorite with a spicy zinfandel or California cabernet sauvignon.
  • Caramel Filling: Sauternes or sherry for a smooth, rich flavor.

In general, a tawny port, sparkling wine and reds with a touch of spice to them pair well with chocolate.


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