Cleaning Wine Glasses – Caring for Your Crystal

Wine Glass and Decanter Cleaning

Hand Washing

For the perfect result when hand washing wine glasses, follow the steps below:


  1. Wash under warm water, and, if necessary, use a specialized stemware cleaner like Crystal Care 2000 liquid to remove lipstick and sediment stains. Use Crystal Clear powder to remove difficult stains, haziness or cloudiness in the glass.
  2. Place on linen or stemware drying mat to briefly drain.
  3. For extra shine, steam over boiling water.
  4. Use a microfiber polishing cloth to dry and polish your glasses.
  5. Hold glass by the base and polish the base with the cloth.
  6. Use your left hand to cradle the bowl and polish with your right hand, keeping a polishing cloth between your fingers and the glass to avoid prints.
  7. NEVER twist the base and bowl, it will cause the stem to snap off.
  8. Your glass is now clean and clear. Avoid storing glassware in kitchen cabinets, which have strong aromas that are absorbed by the glass.

Dishwasher Safe

When cleaning dishwasher safe glassware, keep glasses away from each other and metal objects to avoid contact and scratching.

If available, use the stemware rack. If your area has hard water (high mineral content) use white vinegar to remove water stains after washing.

Polishing Cloth

Cleaning the microfiber polishing cloth is important to preserve glasses.

Wash at a boiling temperature (minimum 170F) to remove bacteria, using odorless soap. Never use fabric softener; it will add a greasy film when cleaning wine glasses.