Taste Wine from a Sealed Bottle with Coravin

Coravin accesses and pours your wine directly from the bottle

Is your wine ready to drink? Can’t decide which bottle to open? Want to taste a special bottle without waiting ten years? On every Sommelier’s wish list, Coravin is a revolutionary new product that has taken the wine world by storm.

The Problem: Oxidized Wine

When your wine is bottled and sealed, the environment inside the sealed bottle is perfect for keeping the wine protected until you are ready to open the bottle and drink the wine. Once the bottle is opened and the wine comes into contact with air, it begins to oxidize, which can soften and open up the wine (think aerating or decanting). Eventually, however, wine will lose its aroma and flavor in the same way that fruit turns brown when it is exposed to air for too long.

The Solution: Coravin

Coravin accesses and pours your wine directly from the bottle without exposing the remaining wine to air. This means that your collection will remain fresh and perfectly preserved inside the bottle, as if it had never been opened, until you are ready to pull the cork.

Coravin pours wine from bottles sealed with natural-cork, using a needle.

Coravin pours wine from bottles sealed with natural-cork, using a medical-grade needle that inserts Argon while simultaneously extracting the wine from the bottle. When you’ve finished pouring wine, pull out the needle, and the cork reseals naturally; the wine remains perfectly preserved in its original state, having never been exposed to oxygen.

How to Buy a Coravin

Model 2 Bonus Pack
Includes the new Coravin Model 2, plus a base, 3 pouring needles, 2 Argon capsules and a leatherette travel case.

Model 8 Bonus Pack
Includes the original Coravin Model 8, plus a base, 1 pouring needle, 2 Argon capsules and a leatherette travel case.