Historic Wineries Around The World That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Travelling and wine go hand-in-hand, and there is arguably no better tourist activity than visiting a winery. The global assortment of wineries all boast different climates, cultures, and secrets for wine making. It can be a rewarding and informative experience to indulge yourself in a historically-rich tour of some of the world’s finest wineries. From the novice drinker immersing themselves in the wonderful world of wine to the wine aficionado with a discerning palette, the following compilation of historic wineries will encourage you to start packing immediately for your next wine-fueled holiday.

Couly Dutheil
Photo by Couly Dutheil


The Loire Valley, located in central France, is known internationally for its rich winemaking heritage. Within a specific region called the Chinon, there is a winery of high regard that has become the perfect stop for travelers. The Couly-Dutheil produces some of the finest wine consumed in France’s leading restaurants and a tour here to experience their Cabernet Blancs or Francs is highly advised.

Bernardo Winery

Founded in 1889, this San Diego vineyard and winery is the oldest in the area. Family-owned for over thirty years, the Rizzo family produces some of the world’s finest wine using exclusively San Diego grapes. The dry climate of California is suitable for the production of French, Italian, and Spanish varietals, as well as the San Diego Terroir. This organic vineyard is a great place to visit and is thriving with not only grapes, but also avocados, olives, guava, and a local favorite, the nopal cactus. The embodied old world winery charm will have guests feeling like they are a part of the Rizzo family as they visit for a tour, taste exquisite wines, or dine at the Cafe Merlot.

Château Tanunda

Located in the Australian Barossa Valley, Château Tanunda is the largest and oldest winery in the region. In fact, after being established in 1890, it was considered the birthplace for the wine industry in the Barossa Valley. Not only does the winery boast of their world-famous Barossa Shiraz, but the buildings themselves have become magnificent architectural icons as well. Visit the cellar for a tour, a wine tasting, and even a match of croquet.

Grumello Wine Estates

Located near traditional olive farms and the Grumello Castle, this Lombardy wine estate amidst the beautiful Italian countryside is housed within a thousand-year old fortress. The climatic conditions are ideal for growing a variety of grapes. If you follow up your tour with a sample, you will imbibe upon some of the region’s most well-known sparkling wines.

Planeta: Cantina dell’Ulmo

The Planeta family is one of Sicily’s most successful when it comes to wine production. They can actually be credited with inspiring the recent vinous Renaissance, bringing worldwide attention to a new but indigenous grape, the Nero D’Avola. The 95 hectares of vineyards surround the small 17th farmhouse where the story of Planeta wine originates. Now the farmhouse is home to the production of Planeta’s infamous whites, sure to be the most memorable aspect of the post-tour tasting.

Société Duboscq of Château Haut-Marbuzet

Located in Bordeaux, France, and one of the most well-known and glamorous regions for wine production, the Société Duboscq of Château Haut-Marbuzet is the biggest wine producer in the world. Amidst rolling hills and medieval cellars and caves, this prestigious vineyard is considered by many to be the most high profile in the trade. A visit allows guests to view firsthand the family cellars, then follow it up with a complimentary wine dégustation.

Photo by Ceretto Aziende Vitivinicole

Ceretto Aziende Vitivinicole

This famous winery is located in Alba, Piedmont in the cooler climate region of northern Italy. Home to the Ceretto family, this winery has been consistently producing some of the world’s finest vino for over thirty years. A tour here will not only provide great insight regarding wine production, but the well-recommended tasting is accompanied by breathtaking scenic views.

Kalleske Wines

The Barossa Valley of South Australia is celebrated globally for having 70 kilometers of the world’s best vineyards. Kalleske Wines has been a family business for over 60 years, and the cellar door boasts of accomplishments from every generation. This organic and biodynamic-certified winery has won numerous awards, including sustainability. With a tasting experience at only $15 per person, pairings of local fruits and cheeses, and beautiful views of the Australian landscape, this winery should be at the top of your bucket list.

About the Author – David Wilson
David is a wine professional with over 20+ years of industry experience. His love for wine has seen him travel and work in various locations throughout Australia, a four-year stint in the USA and a lot of trips to New Zealand. He spent eight years with one of Australia’s largest retailers before working for the fourth largest wine producer globally; he is the owner of Block78 an Australia online wine company based in Australia. If he could be a wine, it would be Shiraz!