How to Control Humidity In Your Wine Cellar

Humidity control can be a concern for your wine cellar and we get some great questions asking about this feature of our CellarPro Cooling Units. This answer covers the details outlined on the CellarPro Wine Cooling Units Adjustable Humidity Control Performance Chart.

CellarPro - Humidity control performance chart

In the picture of the control panel, I don’t understand how to control the humidity.

Our cooling unit offers the ability to increase or decrease the amount of time that the evaporator fan runs after the compressor turns off.

As you increase the time, the humidity inside wine cellars will increase (with diminishing returns) because you are putting condensation on the evaporator back into the cellar. Our system will not create moisture, but it will allow you to adjust the amount of moisture that is recycled back into the cellar.

Click here to view our chart that demonstrates the impact of this feature with corresponding changes in cellar humidity.

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