Vinturi Aerator Blind Tasting

Yesterday, we visited our friends at Trione Vineyards & Winery to put the Vinturi Wine Aerator to the test on video. We asked the question: could our tasters tell the difference between the wine poured straight out of the bottle to the same wine poured through a Vinturi? Both our tasters, novice and expert, preferred the wine poured through the Vinturi, saying it had a better bouquet and a richer, fuller flavor than the non-aerated wine.

Order your own Vinturi and see for yourself. We’re confident that it will improve the aromas and taste of just about any red wine you pour through it. Rather than decant the wine, simply pour it through the Vinturi and save yourself the time it would take waiting. Plus, you won’t have a bulky and fragile decanter to wash afterward.


  1. , my wife called me back into the room to prforem the blind tasting to see if I could discern the wine which had been poured through the Vinturi.It turns out that the Vinturi really does work. I was able to pick which wine of the three was aerated. All skepticism has been removed as far as I’m concerned. I’ve recommended the Vinturi to several of my wine drinking friends and they likewise have confirmed the effectiveness of the Vinturi’s aeration.There are two reasons why I don’t give this product a five star rating. The first reason, as another reviewer has already noted, is that the wine must be carefully poured into the Vinturi at a specific rate. Pour too fast and the wine will overflow. Pour too slow and the Vinturi will run dry and won’t aerate properly. It takes careful attention.Second, the Vinturi will continue to drip wine after each use. It does come with a handy little holder which keeps the wine from running onto the table, but then the little holder needs to be washed after each use.These concerns are small matters in the overall perspective. It really comes down to the tasting experience. If you enjoy tasting good red wines then these blemishes are small compromises to make.
    – Hector

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