Storvino: Wine Storage Made Simple

Sometimes a wine purchase can be a big deal. The last thing you want to worry about it how you will store that glorious juice once you get it home.

The Storvino provides a storage alternative that is simple, dependable, modular and transportable. Their wine storage modules are made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled HDPE, previously in the form of retired grocery carts, solid waste containers, milk crates, produce bins, and beverage trays.

Storvino wine storage

Each storage module will hold 6 wine bottles which makes it easy to carry and transport from the wine shop in the upright position. Once home, the modules can be simply stacked in the resting position on its side in your wine storage area, whether it be in a cabinet, closet, or under the stairwell. The modules are sturdy and lock in place via preformed “stacking guides” and can be further supported by the use of corks.

See the video below to see the Storvino modular wine storage system in action and tell us your favorite ways to store and display wine in your household.