6 Great Wine Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

wine gifts, gift for wine lovers, wine gift ideas

Year after year, finding that perfect gift proves to be a difficult challenge. Whether you’re searching for a gift for your boss, mother-in-law or significant other who loves wine, it’s never one-size-fits-all. Every wine lover has a different level of experience.

The beginner on your list might not know the difference between Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio. Or, you might be shopping for a collector who has a deep love and knowledge for wine and and a vast cellar in his temperature-controlled basement.

While a bottle of wine is always a good go-to, you’ll likely want to add a personal touch that shows you truly put thought into your gift.

wine gifts, gift for wine lovers, wine gift ideas

That’s why we’ve pored through our catalog of thousands of wine accessories, wine gifts and wine tools to put together gift pairings for everyone on your list. To make things even easier for you this holiday season, all gift pairings include free gift wrap and a handwritten note for the recipient.

Read on for a few of our top gift sets for every wine lover on your list, and happy shopping!

1. Gifts for the wine beginner

Know someone who recently started to explore wine and is interested in refining their palate? Help stock their bar with their first few accessories to properly open, decant, serve and store wine.

Our novice gift pairing includes the ever-popular Electric Wine Corkscrew. This sleek bottle opener can pull corks within seconds. The corkscrew features a stainless-steel body with a blue LED light and push-button operation to remove and eject the cork.

This gift pairing also includes an important tool that many beginners overlook: a decanter. The classic Stolzle Vulkanos Fire Decanter can help improve a wine’s flavor by aerating and smoothing out young red wines, separating and settling sediment from older reds, and even softening younger whites. Made from specially-treated non-leaded glass, this decanter will ensure a perfect pour every time.

Italesse Universal Wine Glasses
Italesse Universal Wine Glasses

2. Gifts for the wine connoisseur

The sophisticated oenophile whose collection is stored in their temperature-controlled wine cabinet or custom in-home cellar likely already has an array of wine tools, accessories and gadgets. But they probably don’t have the Coravin.

Make their day with the connoisseur gift pairing, which includes the Coravin and the affordable TipTop reusable corks – corks that act as both a cork replacement and a pourer. You can can easily twist the cork when you are ready to pour and seal it by twisting again. This will help preserve your wine and prevent oxidation.

Using a non-coring medical-grade needle, the Coravin draws wine through the cork, then replaces it with argon gas to prevent oxidation. It is designed to insert argon gas to replace the wine in the bottle, and since the wine never comes in contact with air, it never becomes oxidized and the bottle can be returned to the cellar for enjoyment at a later date.

Each Corarvin wine system includes the Coravin Model 2 Plus Pack, three fast-pouring needles, two argon gas capsules, a carry case, storage base and needle cleaning tool. Also included in the connoisseur gift pairing are the extraordinary Italesse red wine glasses. Hand-crafted by European artisans, these lightweight glasses were specially designed for Michelin-starred restaurants.

Estate Wine Openers
Rogar Estate Wine Openers

3. Gifts for the entertainer

Those who love to entertain have the wine and presentation on their mind when they get ready for guests. We took these into account when we put together our entertainer gift pairing. It first includes the Large Boska Fondue Set, which is perfect for serving warm appetizers or desserts alongside lots of small dishes – your guests will be in heaven!

Opening a bottle of wine has never been easier with the dramatic Bronze Estate Opener. With one swing of the handle, the cork is removed. To re-cork, simply reverse the motion. Its molded grape motif evokes 19th century Americana and will be the talk of your party.

Ligne Etched wine glasses tie this pairing idea together with their contemporary edge compared to the traditional goblet shape. They fit snugly in your hand and are dishwasher safe for quick cleanup.

Red & White Canvas Wine Totes
Red & White Canvas Wine Totes

4. Gifts for the traveler

For that person on your list who loves to be out and about, we recommend our on the go gift pairing.

Included are environmentally friendly canvas totes designed to hold a full 750ml bottle of wine while protecting it from UV rays. Featuring whimsical red and white varietal names, the tote is a reusable, stylish way of carrying wine on hikes or to outdoor events.

When you’re ready to pour, use the transparent, European quality Italesse Polycristal glasses. Totally resistant to breakage and dishwasher safe, they are ideally sized and balanced for serving red wine and a sophisticated pour on the go.

5. Gifts for the mixologist

Some occasions call for a martini, a Manhattan or another classic cocktail. The mixologist gift pairing is perfect for anyone who not only enjoys cocktails, but also likes showing off a little. The sleek, contemporary shaker will look sharp on any bar.

This pairing includes a set of two hammered copper Moscow Mules. Our mugs are pure copper inside and out, with a brass handle ideal for cocktails.

The Crafthouse Bar Tools and Shaker Set is another must-have for today’s style-conscious bartender. Made with the highest-grade materials and designed by Charles Joly, prestigious Chicago mixoligist named World Bartender of the year in 2014, these commercial-grade bar tools are ideal for home and professional bartenders alike. It includes a Boston Shaker, wood muddler, Hawthorne strainer and jigger.

Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Set
Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Set

6. Gifts for the beer lover

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who prefers hops and barley to grapes, check out the gift pairing especially for beer lovers. They’ll appreciate the Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Set, with glasses specially designed for IPA, Wheat Beer and Stout. Approved by an expert tasting panel of master brewers, these glasses focus on beer enjoyment while staying faithful to the spirit of Bavarian craftsmanship.

Also included is a Football Helmet Bottle Cap Cage, an entertaining way to collect beer caps. Getting ready for the Big Game? The side oval panels can be marked with chalk to show your team spirit. The metal mesh has a durable powder-coat finish and will dominate any man cave.



Will you pick up one of these special gift pairings for someone this year?

About the author: Betsy Mikel is a freelance copywriter who enjoys a strong cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of red wine at night. Follow her on Twitter at @betsym.