CellarPro Cooling Units Upgrade to EC Fans

CellarPro Cooling Systems
CellarPro Cooling Systems

We are excited to announce that we recently upgraded our entire line of 110V Cellarpro cooling units from AC to the next generation of energy-efficient EC fans.

EC stands for electronically commutated, and combines voltages of both AC and DC – meaning that the motor runs on DC voltage but with an AC power supply. The advantage of EC fans is that they’re much more energy efficient, they generate less heat, the fan speeds are easier to control, and in many cases they’re quieter than AC fans.

The Department of Energy mandated the switch to EC fans in 2020 on the evaporator side because of the significant energy savings offered by EC fans. With this upgrade, our units will comply with the DOE requirement to use EC fans on the evaporator side.

We also took the extra step of upgrading not only the evaporator fans (as mandated by the DOE), but the condenser fans wherever possible. Our goal was to maximize energy efficiency and make our units quieter wherever possible.

Following the change, customers will realize significant savings in the electricity required to run our units. With our new EC fans, customers will benefit from lower noise levels and annual savings from $50 to $300 depending on the model.

Let us know if you have any questions or need additional information about these changes, or any of our products.