Coravin is a Must-Buy Tool for Wine Lovers

Coravin Wine Access System

Coravin is an essential gadget for wine lovers that allows you to pour without removing the wine cork. The device clamps on and uses a syringe-like non-coring needle to access the bottle. The cork will naturally reseal itself, keeping your wine’s aroma and flavor in tact. There are various models available, which include accessories such as an aerator and special screwtop stoppers.

Coravin Wine Access System Model 6

Benefits of Using Coravin
Coravin wine access systems are easy to operate and you won’t need to worry about additional expensive preservation systems. Argon is directly inserted into the bottle when you use the device, keeping wine fresh, allowing you to sample wines as they age. This product is designed for long-term use and can be found in the best tasting rooms.

Unique Gift
Do you have friends or family with wine collections? This is a must-buy gadget to fill their stocking. Purchase extra Argon canisters to set them up for months with the new system. Gift wrap is available if you plan to ship it directly to the recipient.

Coravin Wine Access System

Wine Education
Have you ever wanted to note the differences between New World and Old World Pinot Noir? Are you uncertain which bottle to open for a food pairing? Coravin allows you to experience wines side-by-side in small pours to compare them. It is the perfect choice for special occasions, blind tastings, and exploring your wine collection without having to drink the entire bottle.

Observe Aging
There is no need to keep opening bottles of fine wine to test the aging status of a case that you purchased. You want to avoid the tight, young flavors, but if you wait too long it will be past its prime and wines degrade. With Coravin, you can pour a little taste from your wine cellar to check on its progress, then lay it back down without intruding on the cycle or wasting bottles.

This handy tool is a must for any collector and an incredible gift for loved ones who appreciate fine wine.


About the Author: Dereka Adam is a chemist and certified specialist of spirits. In this pandemic she thinks it is more convenient and secure to buy wine online which easily gets delivered to you; choose from a variety of fine wine options.