Tips For Hosting An At Home Spa Day

Welcome to the Spa

I have been talking for months about really needing a good day with friends, but this cold weather has kept us all locked inside and not quite ready to explore a day out. So what better way to conquer winter’s frigid isolation than by hosting a relaxing at-home Spa Day!

Welcome to the Spa

I wanted to keep everything relaxed and light, but still host with a few special touches. So I pulled out a couple delicious treats, some of my favorite decor, and livened everything up with some lovely spa-like touches with the help of my trusty Wine Glass Writers.

Home Spa Treats

I have used these for years (my favorites previously being the metallics, especially gold!) and was thrilled to see how many new colors they have. You can do so much more than just personalize your drink glass, though of course I had to do that too! Who doesn’t want to arrive to a party with a glass of champagne waiting with your name on it?

Home Spa

Upscaling a full-length mirror with a warm welcome helped set the tone, while sweet little touches on a platter added a bit of whimsy. And what a way to be reminded to relax, rejuvenate, and refresh: with a very refreshing (and healthful) homemade blueberry chia pudding. Sneaky tip, this can be made the night before to make assembling on party day a breeze.

Home Spa Treats

The best thing about personalizing items from your home is that neutral, staple decor can be multifunctional for any event or holiday. Plus no need to worry about making permanent changes; the Wine Glass Writers simply wash off glass and ceramic surfaces easily with a damp sponge!

Spa Mirror

Take a warm welcome and some beautifully displayed treats, mix in your favorite pals, feel good films, face masks, and waaaaay too many laughs to make an absolutely perfect catch up day. Despite the below temperatures outside, the warmth and light inside was undeniable, and very spa-pealling.

About the Author:
This article was written by Leah Cuff of British Columbia, Canada for Wine Glass Writer. Follow her beautiful feed on Instagram @loverlylifestyle.