How to Clean Your Wine Glassware

Wine Glasses & Decanters Cleaning

Wine Decanter Cleaning

Begin with a gentle soak in cleaning liquid like Crystal Care 2000. When the sediment has been loosened, use a long foam decanter brush to scrub through the narrow neck where it is difficult to reach. If stains persist, use small stainless steel cleaning beads in a rocking motion across the glass before rinsing. It also helps to soak the decanter right away after use, rather than waiting until later in the evening.

Use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe down the exterior, then air dry the glass upside-down on a stand. If water stains appear, use a cleaning powder to remove streaks and spots.

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Cleaning Dishwasher Safe Wine Glasses

Use a stemware rack to keep the glass from being scratched by other dishes, especially metal pots and utensils. Leave a gap between the glasses when placing in the dishwasher; if the bowls touch when they are loaded, the glass can collide and crack.

In areas with hard water, check your wine glasses for spotting and use Crystal Clear Spot Removing Powder to bring them back to a sparkling clarity.

Hand Washing Wine Glasses

Using warm water and a light amount of liquid soap, carefully slosh the bowl and scrub its sides with a foam brush. Avoid twisting at the delicate stem while handling the glass.

After rinsing, let them drain for a few minutes before drying with a microfiber polishing cloth by holding the base with a firm grip.

Glasses are stored best upside-down to avoid gathering dust. For convenient storage, install an under cabinet stemware rack.

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      Using tools to help with cleaning will prevent water spots and can help with oddly shaped flutes or decanters with narrow areas that only a specific brush can access.

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