New 1800H Houdini Wine Cabinet Cooling Unit from CellarPro

CellarPro Cooling Systems, a leading manufacturer of wine cooling units for Wine Storage Cabinets and Custom Wine Cellars is raising the bar again. With the introduction of its 1800H Houdini cooling unit, CellarPro now provides the first-ever cooling unit specifically designed for shallow-depth, glass-enclosed custom wine cabinets, offering advanced cooling power, super-quiet operation and adjustable humidity control in a choice of configurations.

Measuring just 10H x 10 1/2D x 36 1/2 wide (inches), with airflows located at the top and on the bottom of the cooling unit, CellarPro’s 1800H Houdini fits easily inside shallow depth wine storage cabinets. The cooling unit can be installed partially or completely inside the cellar, or above the cellar, or in a completely remote location with the addition of 6-inch ducting and our custom duct hoods.

1800H Houdini from CellarProCellarPro’s 1800H Houdini cooling unit features include:

  • Produces a maximum of 1864 BTUH at 55F, comparable to CellarPro’s best-in-class 1800XTS cooling unit
  • Both fans (hot and cold) have independent speed control, toggle between noise output and performance
  • Can be ducted on the hot side, on the cold side, or both – up to 50 equivalent feet per side
  • Oversized stainless-steel drain pan and 100W heating element are included to handle maximum condensation
  • Removable power cord can be plugged in from the rear or the side of the cooling unit
  • Adjustable side mounting brackets can be used to attach the cooling unit above the cellar, below the cellar, or partially inside/outside the cellar
  • Includes a 3-amp receptacle for power (eg to a light) inside the cellar
  • Includes a fresh-air filter for easy maintenance and upkeep
  • Optional cold air and/or hot air duct kits (sold separately)
  • Optional remote digital display (sold separately)
  • Optional remote thermostat bottle probe, used to measure air or liquid temperature (sold separately)

The entire collection of CellarPro wine cooling units and accessories can be seen at IWA Wine Accessories. The website also offers buying guides, comparison charts, performance and test data, and a full line of accessories and modifications.