7 Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers & Collectors

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While a bottle of their favorite wine or a rare vintage for their collection will always be a welcome gift, why not think outside the bottle this time?

These gift suggestions are only for serious wine lovers and collectors.

1. Coravin Wine Access System

Coravin is the best and most well-known wine preservation system out there. It will protect the thing that serious wine drinkers care about the most – the wine.

This one is a game-changer, this device allows you to pour and preserve a bottle of precious wine without taking out the cork. If your wine loving friend doesn’t have one yet, it will make a perfect gift for any occasion, unless they don’t have any trouble finishing an entire bottle in one sitting.

2. Laguiole En Aubrac Waiters Corkscrews

Shop Our Laguiole En Aubrac Wine Openers
Laguiole En Aubrac Dark Blue Juma Corkscrew

Not any corkscrew will do for a wine lover, especially when opening a prized Grand Cru. Only the artisanal quality of an authentic, handcrafted Laguiole en Aubrac waiter’s corkscrew works for a serious wine lover and collector who appreciates the finer things in life.

There’s a reason why it’s a preferred corkscrew by professional sommeliers worldwide. It’s an elitist version made by French master craftsmen, forged from Sandvik stainless steel. It’s even packaged in an elegant French Oak box ready for gifting.

3. Loft Wine Coolers

Loft 800 Wine Cooler
Loft 800 Wine Cooler

Most wine collectors and lovers have their own wine cellar or fridge. But also having a wine cooler is just as important. Nothing says “serious wine lover” than Loft wine coolers where you can have wines easily accessible whenever and wherever, like when regularly drinking near the kitchen/home office/living room. You don’t want to always trek to the cellar to find a wine bottle.

This one is a storage-cooling combo that can keep wine bottles chilled at their optimal serving temperatures, so they’re always ready for serving. And always an important feature for wine coolers, it can store white and red wines simultaneously with its two temperature zones.

4. Italesse Mouth-Blown Crystal

Italesse Glassware
Italesse Glassware

Some of the best wine bottles in the world need a special wine glass that allows you to taste the best the wine has to offer. When it comes to the best glassware for wine connoisseurs, this next-gen mouth-blown wine glass, handcrafted by European artisans, is top of the line. The Italesse wine glass is specially designed for the standards of Michelin-starred restaurants, a timeless beauty for your serious wine person’s prized wine.

They will appreciate its extraordinary thinness and balance that can bring out the character of expressive, full-bodied wines. Personalization is available for a truly thoughtful gift – you can give your loved one a set of Italesse wine glasses with their initials!

5. Riedel Wine Decanter

Riedel is a century-old brand, making showstopper pieces and high-quality wine decanters. Their items are sleek and practical at the same time, things to keep dinner guests in awe.

For a popular choice, consider the Swan or the Ultra wine decanter. The Swan is beautiful, probably the most elegant decanter in the world, and makes a great pour. Meanwhile, the Ultra looks like how any classic decanter would look, but with a larger surface area allowing the wine to open up the most.

6. Personalized Marble Wine Chiller

Marble Wine and Champagne Chillers
Personalized Marble Wine and Champagne Chillers

A wine chiller is fantastic for keeping a bottle chilled. But a personalized wine chiller made of sleek black or green marble is hard to beat if you want to give a gift that could make the most memorable impression.

This marble wine chiller makes a beautiful statement, one of the most elegant wine coolers there is. Simply place it in the freeze for an hour, and it will keep a bottle of wine perfectly chilled throughout dinner.

7. Acacia Wood Cheese Board

Acacia Board
Acacia Cheese Board

Handmade from natural Acacia wood and shaped like a paddle, this cheese board is thickly cut and finished with food-safe beeswax and mineral oil. Personalization with a name or initials is also available for those who love to entertain!

About the Author: Mark Fang is a certified Sommelier and has 10+ years of wine industry experience. He founded the #1 Wine Event in NYC and has started his wine blog (WineO Mark, www.wineomark.com) to find his readers the best wine deals!


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