Halloween Candy Wine Pairings

Noir Stemless Wine Cocktail Glasses
Noir Collection & Vino Gondola Champagne Bucket
Noir Collection & Vino Gondola Champagne Bucket

This nostalgic autumnal holiday isn’t just for children. Here’s how to pair your candy stash with a splash of wine.


I love a long sip of a light, dry wine like Sauvignon Blanc or Viognier with my Skittles. While the former is my go-to, I’ve found that sweet whites like a Moscato or Malvasia enhance the sweetness of the candy, and if you’re looking for a red, pour yourself a Madeira.

Gummy Bears

For the bright, zesty flavors of this delightful favorite, you want something intensely fruit-forward and refreshing such as a New World Pinot Noir; it’s like a party in your mouth. A sparkling Rosé is fantastic as well.


These perfect little drops of milk chocolate go best with wines that have bold flavor profiles. Grenache, bold Malbec, Syrah or Aglianico will pair well. For a spicier choice, try Zinfandel, Sangiovese or Tempranillo. They look fantastic in Noir stemless wine glasses.

Noir Stemless Glasses

Peanut Butter Cups

I would recommend a wine sweeter than the chocolate itself, so its flavor doesn’t get washed out and unpleasant in your mouth. Look no further than a PX sherry, Zweigelt, late harvest Riesling or a Tawny Port.

Choco Pies

These treats have the same ingredients as cookies like Mallomars, Moonpies and s’mores, so finding a wine pairing is not difficult, keeping in mind the combination of soft marshmallows and chocolate. Try a Brachetto D’acqui, which has notes of berry and cocoa. You could also try a Tawny Port for an elevated pairing.


Fruity candies do well with a lighter glass of wine like a sweet Rosé or playful dessert wine like Schiava, which has inherent candy flavors.


With tones of honey, strawberry and other tropical flavors, a light-bodied Moscato is the ideal choice for sugary candies like Airheads.

Glitzy Wine Witch
Glitzy Wine Witch Collectible

Kit Kats

Enjoy this popular Halloween treat with a Chardonnay, sparkling wine, or smooth Pinot Noir, which has nuanced tones of dark cherry, complementing the chocolate wafers.

Sour Patch Kids

When you have a handful of these candies in one hand, you will need a glass of a sweet wine like an aromatic Riesling or a floral, peachy Pinot Grigio that brings harmonious balance.

General Tips

  • Pay attention to the texture and flavor profile of the chocolate you have. A sweeter treat calls for a sweet wine.
  • The darker your chocolate, the more body and tannins your wine will need
  • Look for wines with similar tones to your chocolates such as fruit-forward, coffee, etc

Enjoy your spooky seasonal treats!